On average customers save 30% on storage by using Second Closet over traditional self-storage

Only pay for what you store

We only charge per item, so you're not paying for empty airspace like you do in traditional self-storage

your box

Your Boxes


our box

Our Boxes



Bulky Items


We pick up and deliver

anywhere in the GTA


Pick Up of Items

We pick up your boxes free of charge. Storing extra bulky items? See below for applicable rates.


Return of Items

$25 flat for any number of boxes. Recalling things frequently? Let us know!

Tons of features to keep your items safe and organized

Safe and secure


Climate Controlled


Easily Manage

Frequently asked questions

"Do you have any 10x10 units available?"

"Do you have any 10x10 units available?"

No! The great thing about Second Closet is you only pay by item, so you're only paying for the space you use and nothing more. You'll always get as much space for your items as you need when you book with us.

"Can i visit my unit?"

"Can i visit my unit?"

We operate highly secure facilities. We're happy to have you come to our front office areas, but you cannot access the secure storage area. You can read more about your features here.

"Where are we located?"

"Where are we located?"

We operate a number of facilities in the GTA. You're never paying for travel time while your things are en route to our facilities and you'll always know which one your items are stored at when you book with us.

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