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Brandon Li | April 22, 2017



April has been one hell of a month. With university exams coming to a close, students across Ontario have begun planning for a summer of beaches, music festivals, relaxation, and mojitos. And, in the midst of summer daydreaming, we’ve felt a groundswell of interest in affordable and convenient storage. In the last three weeks we’ve had students sign up for Second Closet across Guelph, Waterloo, and Toronto.

Unsurprisingly, students have reached out with all sorts of needs. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Getting home for the summer

Drake can't wait to come back to the 6ix

We get it, no one wants to carry their Canada Goose back to Tokyo this summer. Or their textbooks. Or their chair, bed sheets, notebooks, or Sorels. Going home this summer? We’ve got you.

2. Making space for internships abroad

A REALLY comfy bedroom

Hey, congratulations on landing that job in New York. Let’s not let this bed frame hold you back.

3. Avoiding the long drive home

Completely packed hatchback

We don’t have a minivan either. And, even if we did, we wouldn’t want to pack it.

4. Offloading beer fridges

That mini-fridge you've been letting get gross in your dorm

One student asked whether we could hold their fridge for the Summer. So we changed our policies. Now mini fridges are one of our most popular bulky items.

5. Preparing for military service

Wow. Now this was unexpected. This was certainly our most humbling inquiry to date. So if you’re deploying overseas or heading off to training we’d like to do our (small) part. Ask us about our active military personnel offer and thank you for your service!

To the students storing with us this summer: best of luck with exams! We’ll be here when you’re back :)